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Jayapathics – a reliable and easy to use solution for most ailments that is now available online.

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Jayapathics represents a well-researched niche medical breakthrough in the treatment and cure of a wide range of ailments and diseases. With extensive research and experience, the treatments are developed from Homeopathy and are designed to eliminate the medicinal aggravation and the ‘trial and error’ practice of conventional Homeopathy. The innovative and exclusive treatment protocols using the unique product range have contributed towards unprecedented and continuous customer satisfaction for more than 35 years…

More Than

35 years of practice

Dr. Jaya Krishnan

D.H.M.S., Hon N.D.

Fellow A.N.T.A

Australian Natural Therapists Association

Perth based Dr Jaya Krishnan is the Founder and Developer of Jayapathics, a groundbreaking new system of Homeopathy. She is one of Australia’s most eminent homeopaths. Jaya’s mission in life is to make a significant contribution to the planet by dramatically improving the population’s overall health, wellbeing and happiness. Her qualifications and vast experience speak for themselves…

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