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Jayapathics represents a well-researched niche medical breakthrough in the treatment and cure of a wide range of ailments and diseases. With extensive research and experience, the treatments are developed from Homeopathy and are designed to eliminate the medicinal aggravation and the ‘trial and error’ practice of conventional Homeopathy. The innovative and exclusive treatment protocols using the unique product range have contributed towards unprecedented and continuous customer satisfaction for more than 35 years.

Jayapathics can be safely used in conjunction with modern medicine of all genres and is regarded as prominent and complimentary therapy in the treatment and cure of acute and chronic diseases and ailments. Most treatments can be sought and administered by the patient themselves, without the need for a consultation except in chronic or long-term conditions. Jayapathics is a reliable, safe and easy to use solution for most ailments that is now available online.

Excerpt from the book Jayapathics

Jayapathics – Beyond Homeopathy

Jayapathics is an advanced healthcare system developed by a leading Australian Homeopath, Dr. Jaya Krishnan. So advanced and effective is Jayapathics, that this name has been coined to describe her remarkable contribution to the healthcare system.

Jayapathics medicines are based on pure homeopathy. After twenty-five years of research and development, Dr. Jaya Krishnan has dramatically enhanced the science of homeopathy, and in doing so, she has also simplified and demystified it.

Volumes of patient testimonials attest to the success of Jayapathics. Many of the patient cures are nothing short of amazing!

Anthony Eisentrager
Managing Director

Perth Academy of Natural Therapies

Western Australia

ISBN: 0-9580513-1-3