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My romance with homeopathy began as early as I can remember, around the age of three. Most of my childhood was spent in northern India and during summer holidays we used to go down to Kerala & at the same time the monsoon also would arrive in Kerala bringing heavy rain and the weather change.

 I used to get out in the rain to play and fall sick, get fevers and stuff. At that time my grandparents used to get our family homeopath to come home and treat me. And he used to give me those sweet pills, which I was really fascinated about and then when I had them actually I had a very good response and my fever went and I was very happy also because this doctor did not give me injections as I used to be terrified of injections.

 So I used to go out and play deliberately to fall sick in order to have more of those lovely sweet pills. . And of course as I was growing up my granddad & the doctor influenced me a lot as we used to discuss about homeopathy & the superiority of the tiny white globules. My granddad was a great friend of this homeopath. The doctor I knew as a young child helped to plant the desire in me to become not just a homeopath but a better homeopath. . I had this passion for homeopathy because of this. I was fascinated with the philosophy of homeopathy & it made a lot of sense to me. Roots of homeopathy date back to Hippocrates in Greece but the development of homeopathy is solely credited to the German genius dr. Hahnemann. He was a medical doctor himself. Disgusted with the practice of medicine, he took up translating medical texts instead & began a quest for a better way

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy – is to nurture your mind, body and soul and we are fully committed to making you look and feel better. Life is much more than your allergies or an auto-immune condition, but that isn’t all about health problems. From stress to menstrual problems and skin conditions, any health complication can take a toll on a person’s health. While we cannot prevent the disease from occurring, we can treat it to make you feel yourself again.

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Immediately, I started your treatment and the situation began to turn around. I am not taking the insulin injection any more. I can definitely say that your treatment has not only improved my diabetes but also my general health.

Rob ReadheadPatient

Miah has steadily improved over the months and her immune system has gotten stronger and stronger. Your homeopathic treatment has meant that we did not have to rely on Ventolin to get through the winter colds and spring allergies.

Julie CrocketPatient

All the aches in my arms and legs have gone and so have all the other symptoms associated with menopause. The hormone treatment has been extremely effective.

Marie DelpechPatient

The stress drops have been excellent, as I have had the ability to cope with the high level of stress in my job and everyday lifestyle.

Lyn JhonsonPatient

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