Name: Paula

Location: Perth, Western Australia

The Challenge

● Severe Endometriosis

● She consumed heavy painkillers (taking 18 nurofen every 3 day)

● Difficulty to having children

The Results

● Stop taking painkillers

● No longer in pain and anxiety issues

● Able to have 2 beautiful boys

● Patient claim to have been cured

Name: Simon

Location: Mandurah, Western Australia

The Challenge

● Hashimoto (auto-immune condition)

● Low production of T3 & T4 which control body’s metabolism

● Had low energy and it was affecting his whole body

●He was told that he would be under synthetic drugs his whole life

The Results

● Condition started to improve in a short period after Jayapathics’ treatment

● T3 & T4 productions came back to normal function

● The patient is no longer relying on drugs or medication

Name: Marlene & Her Mom

Location: Mandurah, Western Australia

The Challenge

● She had goiter or irregular growth of the thyroid gland

● Her mother suffered extreme rash

● Steroid cream, moisturisers, and aloe vera cream were not effective

The Results

● Her goiter was shrunk within 2 days

● Immediate and effective results for her mom’s rash condition

● Immune system has increased from Jayapathics’ treatment

Name: Shruthi & Family

Location: Perth, Western Australia

The Challenge

● Her husband suffered from asthma

● Her 3 month daughter suffered from severe eczema and food allergies

The Results

● Her husband’s asthma never appears again and no longer under medication for over 23 years

● Her daughter’s eczema disappeared

● Her daughter is no longer having issue with food allergies

Name: Angela

Location: Perth, Western Australia

The Challenge

● She had ichthyosis

● She was told by a few dermatologist that there is no cure for her illness

● She used creams but they did not help

● Low confidence due to suffering from this illness almore her entire life

The Results

● She no longer has ichthyosis for over 10 years

● She had no side effect when taking Jayapathcis’ treatments

● She has more confidence and is able to socialise more often

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