What is Potency? Its role in treatment

In Homeopathy, potency simply means the strength of the remedy.

Potentisation or drug dynamisation is Homeopathy’s unique pharmaceutical process by which a medicinal substance is serially diluted in a mixture of water and alcohol to unleash the therapeutic property. During this process the material substance disappears leaving its “message” or “spirit” or “signature” in the water and alcohol mixture. This mixture has now got the capacity to transmit the therapeutic information contained in of the medicinal substance, by diffusing in the body without having to cross the blood brain &intestinal barrier. The remedies therefore become non – toxic.

Dr. Hahnemann initially found that using certain undiluted plant tinctures and certain substances in their crude form cause toxic effects in the patients although they had therapeutic qualities. He therefore experimented by virtually diluting the tinctures to the point where they could be given more safely without losing their therapeutic potential. To his amazement, the serial dilution did not diminish the therapeutic power of the remedies; on the contrary they increased their scope and depth of therapeutic action. The greater the serial dilution, the more powerful and effective they became. He called this process Potentisation or dynamisation. In this dynamised energy state the body’s subtle energy interacts with the energised substance by a process known as “resonance induction”.

Homeopathic philosophy also tells us that the creative energy- the “vital force” or “life force” underlying the infinite diversity of life in the universe is immaterial, spirit like and imperceptible. It permeates and animates the material organisms in its invisible interior both in health & disease. Like the forces of gravity & magnestism it is recognisable only by its effects on the organism. Without it the organism is dead – there can be no vital functions and no self – preservation.

A potentised substance is thus the refined essence of the substance that produces the true core of the healing vibrational energy in its whole state, thus eliminating any side effects. The potencies of substances can be applied in the necessary strengths according to the degree or intensity of sickness, to bring about harmony in the flow of one’s life force to regain total and perfect health.

In over two hundred years of use, no homeopathic remedy has ever been termed ineffective or recalled from the market due to adverse side effects.

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