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FAQ about JAYAPATHICS Homeopathic Treatment

Here, we cover all the questions we frequently get from our customers. Kindly reach out to our customer care if you have any queries not mentioned here

1. Why is JAYAPATHICS’ Homeopathic Technique Unique?

The treatment protocols of Jayapathics are way ahead of conventional homoeopathic treatments. They’re proven to generate great results in various ailments. Numerous patient testimonials attest to the efficacy of JAYAPATHICS.

2. How do I know if I’m suitable for Jayapathics treatment or services?

If you have already tried traditional and/or alternative treatments before but haven’t achieved what you want for your health

3. Is JAYAPATHICS placebo?

  1. JAYAPATHICS treatments have been tested and proven to work very well on infants, children just as in the case of adults.Animals also respond equally well to our treatments. Our clients have recorded traceable and medically validated results for various health challenges.

4. Can Jayapathics cure all diseases?

No medical or homeopathic treatment can cure all diseases. However volumes of patient testimonials attest to the success of JAYAPATHICS . Many of the patient cures are nothing short of amazing!

5. Does JAYAPATHICS recognise routine medical assessments?

Yes. X-rays, MRI, ECG, EEG and blood tests are some assessments that help us develop a treatment protocol according to the patient’s needs. They are also helpful in monitoring the case’s progress and ensuring better and more effective outcome.

6. Do I have to stop my medication while using JAYAPATHICS?

No. Jayapathics remedies are derived from natural sources and they do not cross-react with other drugs.

7. Can JAYAPATHICS treat ailments that cannot be medically diagnosed?

Yes, with the help of patient’s symptoms and our expertise, we can help identify & apply appropriate treatment protocols to treat the root cause of the problem.

8. What are JAYAPATHICS medicines made from?

JAYAPATHICS medicines are unique, high potency, specific, proprietary Homeopathic formulations made from plants and minerals rooted deeply in traditional Homeopathic treat patients without side effects.

9. Are there any dietary restrictions to be followed while using JAYAPATHICS?

No. JAYAPATHICS remedies & treatment protocols are very user-friendly.

You do not need to follow any specific diet or change your good lifestyle to follow Jayapathics treatments

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