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I feel vindicated if the following letters from my clientele convince you that my system is not another quick-fix panacea.
Except for corrections to minor grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, they are printed as they were written. The names and addresses supplied were correct at the time of printing.

All the testimonials have been published with the patients written consent. None of the before and after photographs have been digitally altered or manipulated except for the purpose of clarity. They are printed as they are in the original form , and have also been published with the consent of the photographed patients. The client testimonials are only a few examples of the numerous successfully treated cases over the years.

Dear Jaya,

Seeing you for only one month, I would like to express my gratitude to you for giving me back my life without so much pain. At the age of 33 (I am now 35) I was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis, a disease that has affected my identical twin sister as well and the medical specialists have been at a loss as to how to cure it.

I had severe back pain, nausea, vomiting, severe migraine headaches and excruciating stabbing pains just below my right ribs. I experienced constant reflux after all meals. My medication would add up to six Panadine Forte a day, Panreasse tablets as well as Nurofin, which helped initially. However, my body became used to these tablets and the pains continued as intensely as before.

I was recommended to you by one of your past students who was treating my sister. Being very optimistic about coming to see you, due to the fact that I have been in and out of hospital and living on a diet of extremely strong painkillers every day, I was prepared to give anything a go.

Still very reluctant, I walked into your consulting room bent over, doubled up in pain. This posture was one I was accustomed to. After our consultation you prescribed me your drops. I have to confess with these little brown bottles in my hand I was still not convinced


Remarkably, within a week of my first visit I did not have to take any painkillers. Within a month of seeing you on a weekly basis, I no longer walked bent over and doubled up in pain. My family too has been relieved of a lot of worry and concern.

I know I have a long way to go, but I know with your help I should eventually have a disease-free pancreas.

Jaya, if my experience can be an inspiration to people like myself, who know of nothing else but to live in constant pain, please can you show them this letter.

Kind regards,
Lynda Emms

Lynda EmmsHillarys 6923Western Australia

For more than a year I was suffering from pain in my arm, shoulder and fingers, especially my index finger which was stiff most of the time. I had difficulty sleeping also due to the cramps and cold feet. I was restricted in performing many activities essential to my daily living such as typing, writing and gardening. I was dependent on anti-inflammatory drugs for relief but the pains only got more intense over time.

I therefore decided to take treatment from Dr Jaya Krishnan. In about three weeks my pains were much better and there was a marked improvement in my cramps and cold feet as well. The pain in my shoulders, arm and finger reduced and I was able to perform activities that I had previously been restricted in doing.

Having completed the treatment now, I no longer suffer from any pain or restricted movement.

I must thank Dr Jaya Krishnan for the wonderful treatment and will recommend her advice and treatment to anyone as it has significantly improved my quality of life.

Percy Delpech

Percy Delpech Balcatta 6021Western Australia

I met Jaya on the recommendation of a friend. This was after spending about six months going from one doctor to another, unable to get any answers for my daughter’s skin condition. I saw four GPs whose only answers were antibiotics – they had no idea what was wrong. Then I saw a naturopath who suggested a blood group diet and a multi­ vitamin syrup. I persisted with this treatment for about a month with no visible sign of improvement. Then I saw a skin specialist who told me Kathryn had psoriasis and that there is no cure.

Psoriasis can be treated with cortisone to control the itchiness, but used long term this has serious side effects. Desperate, I thought I would try it for a week only. The itchiness went away and Kathryn’s skin improved. After the week passed, I stopped using the cream and her skin very quickly became worse than before. I then found another doctor who specialised in skin conditions. He recommended a tar­ based product to put on her skin and a low protein diet that caused Kathryn more discomfort than the psoriasis itself She became quite tired and lethargic and complained of headaches.

Then a friend told me about Jaya. My initial reaction was, ‘Oh no, not another quack.’ My friend told me that Jaya had treated her, that she had been very impressed with the results and that she highly recommended Jaya. So I thought that I would try one more time.

Jaya’s treatment worked like magic. I saw improvement in Kathryn’s skin within two weeks. I don’t know what is in the treatment and I really don’t care. All I am concerned about is that it works. It not only worked miracles on her skin, but also has improved her general health tremendously. Kathryn has been on Jaya’s treatment for 12 months and is almost cured of a condition I was told was incurable, thanks to Jaya.

Anna Czapski

Anna CzapskiMorley 6062Western Australia

Dear Jaya,

I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to you for assisting me to overcome my skin condition over the past few months.

The skin on my hands broke out in eczema approximately two years ago. At that time I thought that this was the result of stress that I experienced whilst I completed my studies. However, after completing my studies the eczema continued and in fact became more prolific, spreading across all my fingers and the palms of my hands. The skin was so dry, deep cracks appeared which were extremely painful and the cracks made it very difficult to use my fingers at all, particularly when trying to perform my work using a computer or doing simple things such as sewing, cleaning, etc.

Meanwhile my feet started cracking at the heels, and the skin on the heels and under the toes became very thick and crusted then cracked, forming deep crevices which were very painful and difficult to heal. The crust was so thick that I was unable to put my normal size shoes on. In fact, I had to resort to using shoes two sizes bigger. The pain was indescribable. I was unable to perform my normal activities such as walking the dog, rowing or cycling.

I consulted a dermatologist, who diagnosed psoriasis. He gave me several types of cream to be used at different times and advised me to keep away from water. Consequently, I would shower using rubber gloves on my hands and plastic bags on my feet. But, despite following all the advice given by my doctor, the condition on both my hands and feet deteriorated.

Before coming to you, I used a variety of skin preparations, but nothing worked. I was referred to a number of skin specialists who could only offer a range of cortisone and tar creams, but they had very little effect, despite me rigorously following all the instructions.

A few months ago, I heard of you through a colleague, who had experienced and seen amazing results in people who had been treated by you for various skin conditions. In desperation, I contacted you to make an appointment. At the initial assessment you examined my skin and stated that my immune system was in need of a boost. You assured me that both the eczema and the psoriasis could be cleared though an extensive course of treatment, which entailed taking therapeutic preparations (oral drops and cream for the skin) three times a day, every day.

Despite being extremely sceptical at the start, I nonetheless embarked on this alternative course of treatment out of desperation. On taking your prescribed preparations, both my hands and feet started to improve and the skin healed. The cream was very soothing to the cracks in the skin, and in fact the cracks healed very quickly once the cream was applied.

Over the past few weeks I have been amazed by the improvements in the condition of the skin on both my hands and feet, which have now completely recovered. In addition, for the first time in two years, I am able to wear normal shoes and to walk long distances and participate in sport without pain.

I would like to again thank you for your help and hope that other people suffering from similar skin conditions can benefit from your amazing treatment.

Many thanks for your help.
Megan Scully

Megan ScullyVictoria Park 6100Western Australia

Dear Jaya,

I would like to thank you for the dedicated and committed help you have given to my family over the past nine years.

I came to see you a year and a half ago because of close family recommendations at a critical time when I was deteriorating physically, mentally and emotionally.

I have been a diabetic for the last 23 years in spite of being on insulin injections every day. Over those years I began to develop an excruciating pain in my right thigh for which an anti-epileptic drug was prescribed to control my anxiety since no painkillers would help. I had the worst reaction to this drug, which was contra-indicated for patients with heart conditions. It was prescribed despite the fact that the doctor knew I had a heart condition.
In desperation I came to see you and you diagnosed the constant excruciating pain in my thigh as due to diabetic neuritis, which is a complication of diabetes.

Immediately, I started your treatment and the situation began to turn around.
I am not taking the insulin injections any more
I can definitely say that your treatment has not only improved my diabetes but also my general health. For the first time in many years I am free of flu and colds.
My general health and wellbeing is very good and I am excited about it. I would not hesitate to recommend your treatment to anyone who needs genuine help. Having someone like you supporting one during illness, one can actually develop a new confidence and can regain total control of one’s health.

With best wishes from me and my family,
Bob Readhead

Bob ReadheadWandi 6167 Western Australia

I was suffering very badly with a condition commonly known as psoriasis which had totally covered my scalp and was rapidly continuing down my neck, irritating my lips, nose, eyelids and ears.

The prognosis was that I would have this for the rest my life and it would
come and go with the use of lotions and potions.

Jaya Krishnan I believe has totally cured me of this ‘thing’ and I would highly recommend her to anyone suffering any disease. Her ‘natural magic’ is a blessing not to be ignored.


Betty Anne SalterBridgetown 6255 Western Australia

From an early age, my son Michael suffered from wheezing bronchitis. He was having attacks almost every six weeks. The doctors treated this with Ventolin nebuliser.

At 12 months, the doctors at Fremantle Hospital diagnosed him with asthma and prescribed a nebuliser again; they also tested him for allergies to dust mites. wool and pollens which proved negative. We had him on four nebs a day of Intal, which was a preventive treatment.

During summer he did not have one attack. But when winter came, so did the asthma. We were back in hospital again for more Ventolin, also cortico/steroids and Nuelin sprinkles to control the asthma. We seemed to live at the hospital.

By the time Michael was three years old I had had enough. He had not grown for 12 months as a result of the cortisone steroid, and he was hyperactive from Ventolin.

My brother suggested we try homeopathies and gave me Jaya’s phone number. We decided to give it a go. We took Michael to see her and talked about his illness for over half an hour. We decided to take Michael off all his medicines and use Jaya’s instead.

Once the treatment began, he started to calm down and grow. Now he has no asthma at all! After 12 months we moved to the South West and stopped seeing Jaya. Even in the wet and cold climate here, Michael has not had an asthma attack in six years.

We still treat all our children with ‘Jaya’s medicine’ as they call it. Jaya has also treated my youngest son for glue ear and another for tonsillitis with wonderful results.

Susan Phipps

Susan Alice PhippsYoung Siding 6330Western Australia

Dear Jaya,

I am very happy to write about my experiences of your homeopathic treatment.

I first experienced your homeopathic treatment in 1992. I was in the final year of high school at the time and had a severe case of glandular fever. This left me constantly tired and was disrupting my preparation for my tertiary entrance exams. Over a five-month period I tried everything my doctor could prescribe, including regular injections of vitamin B12. None of it worked. On the recommendation of one of my mother’s friends, whose child had been in the same situation, I tried your homeopathic treatment. Within a week I was cured. It was amazing.

Success in the cure of the glandular fever led to the beginning of a program of treatment for some long-standing, chronic conditions that is now drawing to a successful conclusion. Throughout high school I suffered dreadfully from a number of health problems. The most disruptive of them was that I was constantly producing highly acidic saliva, which sometimes led me to go through five or six handkerchiefs in a day through non-stop spitting. This was accompanied by constant, burning burping due to a reflux from my stomach. At the same time my mouth was always ulcerated.

My sinuses were a constant problem, either blocked or running copiously but never clear. This led to a succession of doctors recommending that I take massive doses of antihistamines constantly – which actually seemed to make the problem more intractable over time. I suffered terribly from hay fever every spring. On top of all this, from the age of 16 the skin on my face – especially my jaw – and my scalp became an angry red interspersed with scaly eruptions. My hair began to fall out quite quickly.

Jaya devised two treatments: one to deal with the sinus problems and another to address both the saliva and skin problems. The results have been remarkable. My sinuses are now clear virtually all the time. I no longer dread the coming of spring and all its pollens. I hardly even catch colds in winter any more; I have not used antihistamines in five years.

Within two years my problem with excessive salivation was well under control and is now hardly noticeable. At the same time the burning burps originating from my stomach ceased and my digestion has improved remarkably. Indeed, I did not realise until after the treatment had begun just how bad my digestion had been, so long had I been living with stomach cramps after eating. The ulcers in my mouth have also cleared up, and have not reappeared even in highly stressful periods.

The only condition that remains is my skin problem. Jaya always said that this would take the longest to cure. However, having said that, it is now 90 percent cured and my hair has stopped falling out. The last two years of treatment have mainly been designed to wipe out the last remaining traces to ensure that this will never need treatment again.

I have constantly been impressed with the results of Jaya’s homeopathies in the years she has treated me. As well as dealing with my specific chronic health problems, it has helped me overcome periodic acute illnesses, such as colds and flu, faster than any cure prescribed by Western-style doctors. Furthermore, I catch colds and flu far less often and am generally much healthier than many people I know.

I could not have said that five years ago and am profoundly grateful for the role Jaya’s homeopathic medicines have played in that transformation.

Yours sincerely,
Angus Algie

Angus AlgieCity Beach 6015Western Australia

Dear Jaya,

I am writing to you to thank you for all your help and support. It has been like a miracle for me to realise that in such a short period of time I have been cured.

As you remember I was diagnosed on the 17th of January 1995 with cervical cancer after having two pap smears. It was confirmed with a laparoscopy and biopsy dated 6.4.95. They advised me to go for laser treatment or to remove the affected area.

At the time I was studying homeopathy. I realised that laser treatment would not treat the cause of the problem and would only be suppressing it.

As you were my lecturer, I approached you for help and you took me on as your patient. I was surprised how quickly homeopathy helped me. I did not have any particular symptom at the time. My mental state was not bad but it was only during the treatment that I realised how much more positive I had become.

Soon after I started the treatment, I became pregnant. I had to go for another biopsy. It was then that it was confirmed that I had no signs of cancer any more. It was difficult to believe that within two months I was completely cured.

People normally criticise homeopathy and say that it takes a long time to get cured. My experience was the opposite.

I would like to emphasise that homeopathy is a great alternative to allopathy and that the practitioner plays a vital part in the treatment. Homeopathy itself won’t cure you unless the person giving it to you knows what he or she is doing.

I really want to leave a message that can be a support and contribution for all those who do not believe in homeopathy or are unsure about it.

I would like to thank Jaya once more for her expertise within homeopathy and for her personal support, making her someone very special.

P.S. When my daughter Geetanjali had a severe cough for which antibiotics were recommended, I came to you for help. You prescribed your cough drops which worked like magic in a couple of days. She was completely clear of the symptoms in about ten days and she does not need the cough drops any more.

My son Gautam used to suffer from hay fever. He was getting the symptoms to the point of four attacks a day prior to your treatment. Your hay fever drops helped him immediately. In fact, he required treatment for a very short period of time.

Thank you again, Jaya.

Maria AroraKensington 6151 Western Australia

Dear Jaya,

I want to thank you for your help with our family’s health over the past three years – particularly during pregnancy and with our two babies.

We began using your system during my first pregnancy because I felt it was the safest, most effective approach, without side effects. I had very smooth, fast and uncomplicated natural births, with both babies totally drug free. I am convinced that your homeopathic remedies and advice played a big part – so thank you!

I have also experienced good results using your remedies with our children, even as newborn babies. I feel confident that their immune systems are being strengthened rather than weakened by drugs right from the start.

In general we have weathered two winters using your cold drops – also flu drops and cough drops when needed. I have found that using the cold drops as a preventive measure reduces the number of colds they catch, and if they catch them at all, the drops help prevent chest infections. If I am vigilant, I have found that I can at times prevent a cold from developing at all by dosing them up at the first sign of a sniffle.

In Rosie’s specific case your homeopathic treatment helped clear up her jaundice, sluggish bowel and liver functions without resorting to any intrusive testing and treatment from conventional Western medicine.

I had a severely impacted and infected wisdom tooth when Jacob was only a few months old. The dentist removed it with great difficulty but insisted on using antibiotics to stop the infection spreading to the jawbone. I was determined not to use antibiotics, especially when breast-feeding but I was also afraid of the infection spreading and then needing surgery. At this stage I was really not sure of using your treatment and I was greatly relieved to find a response within a few hours. With your careful and intense treatment, the infection cleared completely within a week.

My dentist was both surprised and curious to know what I had used! Now he is keen for other patients to use your homeopathies as an alternative to drugs.
Apart from the gentle and positive effects of using your treatment, one of the most reassuring things for a mother is to be able to talk to someone – to ask for advice at any hour of the day!

I thank you for this Jaya and sorry about the times I’ve woken you up so early in the morning!

Thank you,

Annabel Morgan-deLaineGreenwood 6024Western Australia

Since I was about 30, I had been suffering from constant tonsillitis and sinus problems, and if there was a flu virus about, I would always catch it. My immunity had broken down because, when I was in my early 20s, I was constantly taking antibiotics prescribed by doctors for my flu symptoms. My glands were always infected, I had severe earache at one stage and I could not sleep at night because of the sharp pain. The doctors gave me more antibiotics.

It got to a stage where I was sick of being sick. My friends would say, ‘You are always sick.’ I thought I would have to spend the rest of my life like this. I was tired and had severe depression. My tonsils were badly scarred from so much infection. I also had severe thrush, which I’d had for over six months. I had been for tests and used weeks and weeks of suppositories and cream.

In desperation I found Jaya Krishnan. It was good fortune to find a professional homeopath like Jaya. There are a lot of people out there who dabble in numerous alternative health methods and they claim they are homeopaths. It’s very frustrating as it is a successful treatment if taken properly. In Germany doctors recognise homeopathy and use it in their day-to-day practices alongside conventional medicine.

Jaya told me she could make me better and prescribed me remedies. After one to two weeks I started noticing improvement. I had no immunity left so it took several weeks before my health was stronger. But after some time, I noticed a great improvement. If I felt a sore throat coming on and the flu setting in, I would quickly call Jaya and she would give me drops that would prevent the onset of flu symptoms.

Today I don’t have to live in fear of being sick and I am able to fight off viruses. I am very grateful to Jaya for the help she has given me.

What is life without your health? It is your most valuable asset. And from one who knows what it’s like not to be well, it’s a wonderful feeling to have good health that we all take for granted.

My other recent experience was an awful one due to stress. I lost my job, which gave me financial worries, and had a fall-out with a very good friend. I broke out in perioral [periotic?] dermatitis. I went to a dermatologist who prescribed antibiotics, but I said I was not keen to take them so he gave me a prescription for about two months of Tetracycline. My face was very sore, red and itchy and even my hair touching it would irritate it further. I could not go for job interviews; the lotion given to me (Clinda Tech Solution) made it sting and I didn’t want to take drugs.

Once again desperate, I went to Jaya, and yes, she did make it better for me within a couple of days. Within just a few weeks, it was completely gone. Sh.e gave me drops to take orally and a cream to soothe the burning. I just washed my face in warm water and applied the cream.

The remedy I took also addressed the stress factor and made me stronger to cope with day-to-day stresses much better. All my adult life I have used French facial products as I thought they were the best, but today I only use Jaya’s pot of cream; it’s wonderful stuff. My skin feels 100 percent better.

Once again, Jaya, thank you for your professional help and dedication.

Yours faithfully,
Christine Jackson
A much happier patient

Christine JacksonScarborough 6019 Western Australia

Dear Jaya,

After bringing my daughter to you for a year or more now for the treatment of asthma, I can happily say that she is almost 100 percent improved.

Miah has steadily improved over the months and her immune system has gotten stronger and stronger. Your homeopathic treatment has meant that we did not have to rely on Ventolin to get through the winter colds and spring allergies. Your medicines have been very effective as a preventive measure for Miah’s asthma as well as assisting her body’s own natural healing ability.

I feel very fortunate to have had access to this kind of treatment and also because it is safe and free from side effects.

Julie Crockett

Julie CrocketInnaloo 6018Western Australia

My son Daniel was born by caesarian section on 4 January 1992 and it was immediately noted that he had gross hydrocephalus (also known as water on the brain). It was later diagnosed as X-chromosome-linked hydrocephalus. At birth his head circumference was 47cm; normally a newborn baby is around 34cm. Daniel also had poor muscle tone, a type of cerebral palsy and tucked in thumbs.

We did not know that there was anything wrong with him until after he was born and it was a big shock to us all – including the medical staff present at his birth.

When he was three days old he had surgery to have a ventricular peritoneal shaft placed to drain the fluid away from the brain. At ten weeks the shunt was found not to be working and he had to have another operation to correct this. This procedure put Daniel back quite a lot. He had poor weight gain from birth, was a very pale and sickly looking child and he used to vomit after each small feed of 50ml. By the end of his first year he was only 6,530 grams in weight – long, scrawny and still very pale.

In 1992 I had many appointments at Princess Margaret Hospital. I had to run my five-year-old to and from pre-school, had my two-year-old at home and was at this stage living in a small house with my mother. I myself had put on weight and did not feel at all well. Then my dear and close friend died suddenly and I was fighting to keep my sanity.

Early in 1993, in desperation, I went to see Jaya. This proved to be the best move I ever made. Jaya helped me get back to an even keel and I started to feel like my old self again.
I mentioned Daniel to Jaya and she suggested I bring him in on my next visit. I have been taking Daniel for just over one year and I feel Jaya has helped him a lot. He is doing new things all the time – whereas before taking him to Jaya he was doing very little. Even after a few months of taking Jaya’s homeopathies he had head and neck control, which he did not have before, and he became a lot more alert and active.

Previously his eyes used to roll from side to side – they have now stopped rolling and he is able to focus a lot better. He understands what one says to him and he recognises familiar faces and places. He never used to like being on his tummy but he has now slowly got to like it (this is all in a matter of around six months). Even his physiotherapist has commented on how well he has done.

Daniel continues to do well, he eats well and now keeps his weight on. He no longer vomits his meals. He now rolls all over the floor and sits up by himself for a short time. He also appears to be getting stronger all the time. Daniel’s doctors are also surprised at him doing so well; they did not give him much hope when he was sent home from the hospital for palliative care (to be given by myself).

I personally believe that the homeopathic medicines prescribed by Jaya for Daniel are helping him a great deal. I know it has helped me. I have also tried the teething and cold and flu drops and they have worked really well.

So I, for one, am glad I turned to homeopathic medicines and found Jaya.

Veronica Uberuaga

Veronica UberuagaMorley 6062 Western Australia

Dear Jaya,

I write to say how pleased I am with the treatment you have provided for me. Since my first homeopathic treatment in 1993, you have helped me quickly overcome glandular fever (I was healthy again within three weeks of my first symptoms) and accelerated my recovery from wisdom tooth removal surgery (bleeding completely stopped within 48 hours). Your on-going treatment has improved debilitating aches in my writing hand and reduced greatly the sweating of my hands and feet (which you diagnosed as symptoms of insufficient metabolism of calcium). Other on-going treatments have reduced my stress levels and improved my concentration.

However, the most important treatment has been to do with my uneven growth. When I was 19, a dentist recognised that I had developed an under-bite and a cross-bite. An orthodontist suggested 18 months of brace work and major dental surgery, involving the removal of sections of my jaw and facial bones.

Having been helped previously by you during dental surgery, I contacted you about pre- and post-operation treatments to help reduce swelling, bleeding and recovery time for this corrective surgery. You suggested that before the surgery I should undertake your treatment to see if the severity of the condition, and hence the scale of the corrective surgery,· could be reduced. You diagnosed the cross/under-bite as being a symptom of uneven growth of the right- and left-hand sides of my body.

In addition to the jaw problems, I had ‘bald’ patches of facial hair on the ‘short’ side of my face. When I asked three dental professionals about this, they all considered it as not uncommon. They all also disconcerted me, to use a mild expression, by telling me that I had stopped growing and that my jaw would not correct itself over time.

Your diagnosis was that one side of my face had stopped growing prematurely and that your treatment, not requiring surgery, would restart growth. Since starting with your treatment 18 months ago, my jaw has straightened significantly and the ‘bald’ facial hair patches have started to fill in with the beard that the orthodontists said would never appear. I have also grown an inch taller.

An unexpected benefit had been the overall ‘straightening out’ of my body. I have always had an uneven gait, due to slight knock-knee and clubbed feet. During the course of your treatment, my right leg has straightened completely from the knee down, and my left leg is in the process of doing the same. I also had a slightly slumped right shoulder, which is now level with my left shoulder.

At the rate my jaw is improving, I should be able to avoid the dental surgery for the lop-sided jaw. The under-bite is still likely to need brace work if I want a ‘100 percent’ perfect jaw, but 100 percent very rarely happens naturally. Since the other body asymmetries have improved, leg, shoulder and back aches related to my body ‘compensating’ during activity have virtually disappeared. In addition, accelerated wear on clothing and chafing, due to my uneven gait, has also greatly improved.

Cameron Algie

Cameron AlgieCity Beach 6015 Western Australia

Dear Jaya

Just a short note to thank you tor what you have meant to us as a family.

Jonathan’s skin problem has cleared dramatically. The cortisone treatment (as prescribed by a medical practitioner) significantly aggravated the condition. Your treatment, however, showed remarkable results in less than a week – and within a few weeks no trace of any nastiness!

All our immune systems benefited enormously as a result of your regular ‘boosters’ -the kids both appeared so much more ‘capable’ to fighting the usual winter colds and ailments. Lara especially seemed to be left ‘fighting fit’ – both mentally and physically.

Your treatment promoted our general health and wellbeing and aided in the prevention and/or treatment to a variety of health disorders. I thank _you tor that, and so much more

Kind regards,

Alida LouwQuinns Rocks 6030 Western Australia

When my daughter Sophie was around three years of age, a persistent chest infection and wheezing were diagnosed by a GP as asthma.

Having already become interested in natural remedies and holistic approaches to health and living, I was reluctant to agree with that diagnosis.

With the problem becoming chronic, I was put in touch with Jaya Krishnan, whose homeopathic treatment has given Sophie a complete and lasting recovery. The treatment worked slowly but deeply. Sophie is now ten years old and there has never been a recurrence of the problem. In fact. the treatment boosted her immune system to such a degree that her health has never been affected by more than a common cold in all that time.

Another of my daughters, Georgia, developed an acute eye infection in 1998, which was diagnosed by an eye specialist as an attack from the herpes virus. His prognosis was to treat recurrences as they come up and keep her stress-free – at five years of age! Jaya’s treatment was again lengthy Uust over 12 months), but the symptoms Georgia showed of acute sensitivity to light. redness and watery eyes have disappeared completely and the virus itself has never reared its ugly head again!

All that remains is slight scarring of the cornea from the original attack which will always remind me of the problem she would have faced throughout her life had she not had Jaya’s constitutional homeopathic treatment.

As with her sister, Georgia’s overall health has also improved from the boost her immune system has received over the course of the treatment.

My other children and myself have needed treatment from time to time and, without exception, we have all benefited from both the treatment for the specific problem and the overall boost in immunity that inevitably follows.

Claire Strong, mother of
Madeleine (11),
Sophie (10),
Georgia (7) and
Celeste (4)

Claire StrongYallingup 6282 Western Australia

Dear Jaya,

I am certainly very happy to write about my experience of your homeopathic treatment.
The outcome of my first meeting with you was absolutely astonishing and totally unexpected. You will recall that when you first saw me, my lower right-hand lip and jaw were very numb. They had been like this for about 15 years, a side effect of the extraction of an impacted wisdom tooth. I would say I had only about ten percent of normal feeling.

This was inconvenient, but I had become used to it and didn’t really think about it much. So it wasn’t as if I came to you seeking treatment. In fact, my meeting with you was a matter of chance – and not as a patient. I forget how my lip came to be mentioned at all, except perhaps that you might have noticed how my mouth was rather twisted, which was a consequence of the lack of feeling in that part of my face.

You suggested a homeopathic remedy. I had no expectation of any improvement, but agreed to give it a try. To my great surprise, within two weeks of this single dose I had regained about half my normal feeling in the lip. Within a month it had returned to about 90 percent of normal, and has stayed at this level for the five years since then. The return of feeling has been accompanied by the straightening of my mouth to a normal shape.
This was quite an experience, especially for someone who had barely heard of homeopathy, and was very sceptical about it! With this startling success, I thought it was time to give you a bigger challenge.

For over 20 years I had suffered from a rash. This was frequently inflamed, maddeningly itchy, and periodically the skin flaked off. Over the years I had sought treatment from half a dozen doctors, with no more success than temporary relief from a variety of creams. Indeed, I had quite given up expectation of improvement and had become resigned to it. But after the experience with my lip, I thought it would be worth asking your opinion.
Like so many of your patients, I only came to you when I had exhausted hopes of improvement for a long-standing, intractable problem. I wish I had known then what I know now!

You were very straight with me and warned me that with such a chronic problem I could not expect the rapid improvement that I enjoyed with the lip. You suggested one month of treatment for each year that I had had the rash. In fact it showed good improvement in a little less time than this, but took rather longer for it to reach the stage where there remain only the faintest traces of where it used to be active.

On your advice I kept a photographic and descriptive record of the progress over the four years of treatment. I am glad I did because I would not have remembered how bad it used to get! Again, as with my lip, the improvement appears to be permanent.

It goes without saying that I am absolutely delighted with this result. However, I am even more impressed with improvement in my more general health and wellbeing. With the constitutional treatment that you prescribed, the rash was almost the last thing to improve fully. Throughout the time that it was getting better, I experienced a series of other improvements in areas that I hadn’t even thought of as needing attention – until I discovered how much better they had become.

I could go on about equally impressive results in treating chronic conditions in other members of my family. However, I think that this should be sufficient to explain why you have become the health practitioner of choice for me and why my family has adopted your homeopathic remedies as our first aid for minor and acute illnesses and injuries.

Yours sincerely,
Stephen Algie

Stephen AlgieCity Beach 6015 Western Australia

I first met Jaya Krishnan in 1991. I had developed a chronic cough after being on quite a rigid diet for four months. This could not be cured by conventional medication. It was so bad I could not sleep at night and my muscles ached when I coughed. Of course I had tried cough medicines from the pharmacy and even had a course of antibiotics which only alleviated the symptoms temporarily and made the cough far worse when the course was completed.

In my first consultation with Jaya she explained that she would be able to cure the cough but it could take some time. At that time I did not know anything about her homeopathic remedies but was willing to try anything alternative. After a few weekly visits I started to see some real results and feel much better. I became very interested in the way in which the medicines worked and how the remedies were prescribed with both the symptoms and modalities taken into account. I then decided when my daughter became ill to take her to Jaya.

In 1993, my daughter Stephanie suffered from terrible tonsillitis and missed almost a term at school. It was hard in the beginning not using antibiotics but opting for homeopathic remedies which took a little longer to work. Her symptoms would linger and the high fever would last up to a week in some cases. Once or twice we resorted to antibiotics but found that it was definitely the wrong thing to do. No sooner had Stephanie gone back to school she was down again with the same illness within a month. Since then we persevered with Jaya’s system for both our children and neither has had to resort to antibiotics for over six years. We find it has had long-term benefits.

Stephanie unfortunately suffered tonsil problems last year but to a far lesser extent. We have noticed over the years that in all their illnesses, the symptoms are less severe, temperatures are more controlled and they are not listless. The children still get sick from time to time but we only treat them with Jaya’s homeopathic remedies. We have used her remedies for flu symptoms, headaches, chicken pox, sore throats, skin irritations, tummy upsets and vomiting. I keep a few basic remedies in stock at home until I can consult Jaya should it be a more serious situation.

My husband was a little sceptical about Jaya’s homeopathic remedies. He broke out in a very bad rash on his arms and hands in 1992. He went to a conventional doctor who sent him to a hospital for patch testing: 32 patches to find out over a period of two weeks if anything he had in his work environment had triggered the rash. He was given cortisone creams which worked for a few days, then the rash became worse and he was offered corticosteroid tablets for an initial period of three years, which could cause long-term side effects. He finally decided to see Jaya and she prescribed a simple cream and homeopathic drops. The rash became very itchy for a couple of days and then disappeared. His skin has been clear ever since.

On another occasion my husband consulted Jaya following the formation of kidney stones. In February 1996, he was admitted to Hollywood Hospital for day surgery to remove a kidney stone. X-rays prior to this had revealed a further calcification, which was obviously of concern. Jaya prescribed her homeopathic drops and a further X-ray six months later has shown that the calcification had dissolved.

Since being introduced to Jaya’s homeopathic medicines we have taken a different approach towards health in general. We look towards natural products wherever possible; protecting and building up our immune system to fight infections is important and we can already see the long-term benefits. We found
Jaya very knowledgeable and genuinely interested in helping people, and we have recommended her services to many friends.

Angela Davis

Angela DavisWest Perth 6872 Western Australia

Dear Jaya,

Thank you very much for the work you have done with my son to clear those unsightly warts from his upper lip. After six weeks’ treatment at the medical centre, freezing with liquid nitrogen and no sign of improvement, I knew you were the only person who could treat those warts. After eight weeks of your homeopathic treatment, the warts have disappeared totally, painlessly and without scarring. As you have explained to me, you treated his whole system. He feels good and guess what? Hasn’t caught the winter cold! I totally recommend this wart treatment.

I’m also taking this opportunity to thank you for your wonderful work with the other members of my family. My three daughters keep very well. The two older ones have been through TEE exams with the minimum of stress. I believe the stress drops you gave them have worked well. They cope well with their studies at university and are quite happy. They are also great believers in your system of therapy. My younger daughter, now ten, is very independent. When I came to you five years ago, she was a shy girl and used to be worried and lacked confidence. She loves dancing but would not perform in front of the class. She even refused to go in for her first exam. You should see her now. For the past four years, she has overcome all this shyness and has become very confident. She no longer has stage fright and does very well in dancing competitions. Your treatment has done wonders.
As for myself, I feel fit and well. All the aches in my arms and legs have gone and so have all the other symptoms associated with menopause. The hormone treatment has been extremely effective.

Once again, thank you for a great investment in my family’s health.

Best regards,
M.C. Delpech

Marie Celine DelpechBalcatta 6021 Western Australia

Dear Jaya,

I am writing to express my gratitude for the overwhelming transformation in my health since I first became your patient in 1996.

At that time, the migraine headaches, from which I had suffered since the age of 18, had become so frequent (every seven days) that they were seriously affecting my quality of life.

I had reached a situation where I was reluctant to organise any social engagements in advance because Iwas always forced to cancel them. I was having an embarrassing number of sick days and had begun to think tl:iat I might have to give up teaching, although I love it.
Like other migraine sufferers I avoided chocolate, cheese, citrus fruits, alcohol, etc, all of which were identified as triggers, but that made no difference.

My migraine would begin with a ‘vision blur’ usually over the right eye, which would last for about half an hour. This was then followed by 24 hours of intense headache and nausea and a further 48 hours of feeling extremely unwell and exhausted. My tolerance level was extremely low and it was not easy for family members.

Although my GP was sympathetic, he was unable to offer help. When the new drug Sumatriptan was ineffective for me, just continued to increase the strength of the painkiller. When I came to you I was taking two Brufen AND two Mersyndol at the onset of a headache and continuing with painkillers for about three days. Within a short time of taking your treatments the migraine headaches became less frequent and much less intense until I reached the point where I can honestly say that I am no longer a migraine sufferer. Only someone who has lived with migraines for as long as I did could appreciate what a difference this has made to me.

Now I enjoy cheese, chocolate, red wine and malt whisky – whenever I feel like it – and I never have to consider my health when I make social arrangements. Occasionally, when I have over-taxed myself, I get the half­ hour vision blur, but it seems like a warning to slow down and is NEVER followed by a headache.

When I hear so-called headache ‘experts’ claiming that there is no cure for migraine, it makes me feel very frustrated that more people cannot be helped by your system under the government’s health care system, because not all migraine sufferers may be able to afford the treatment.

Friends from England who visited us earlier this year could not believe the difference in my health from their previous visit when I had just started your treatment.

Because I now use only your homeopathic treatments, not only is my migraine cured, but my immune system is so much stronger that Iam much less likely to succumb to cold or flu viruses, and when I do, I am able to recover in a much shorter period than formerly. I am also comforted in the knowledge that I can ‘take charge’ of menopause, without having to resort to HRT.

Thank you so much.
Yours sincerely,
Carolyn Smith

Carolyn SmithConnolly 6027 Western Australia

Dear Jaya,

It is difficult to believe after many years of asthma, sinus, not to mention continuous painful arthritis, that with your kindness, interest, and wonderful medication you have completely cured these problems.

And may I add after only one fortnight of treatment on my latest trouble, psoriasis, the condition has improved immensely.

Thank you Jaya.
Yours sincerely,
Shirley Faux

Shirley FauxKalamunda 6076 Western Australia

Dear Jaya,

I would like to write and thank you very much for all the help you have given me with my daughter Maddison in the seven years that we have been coming to you.

You found us when I didn’t even know what the word ‘homeopath’ meant and I guess I trusted you enough to put my daughter’s life in your hands.

It was so very difficult in the beginning, making the transition from conventional medication to control her epileptic fits to homeopathic medication. That was definitely the hardest time in my life. I had so many reservations and fears, wondering if I was doing the right thing. You provided me with all the support and reassurance I needed, not to mention the proof in the way my daughter responded to your treatment. From fitting umpteen times a day, she went to once a month, to once every few months to once every eleven months and that was a great achievement considering Maddy has structural damage. For this I thank you.

I wish you luck and my best wishes in all that you do, and I hope all the people whose lives you touch experience the same success that we have.

Forever thankful,
Yours faithfully,
Jen L

Jen LSpringvale 3171 Victoria, Australia

Dear Jaya,

I am writing to you to thank you for treating me over the last eight months. Before I saw you I suffered frequent migraine headaches. Now I haven’t had headaches for quite some time.

Prior to consulting you, I visited a chiropractor for my headaches. I was told that my spine needed regular manipulation. I had appointments every eight weeks but found that after a visit my headaches returned.

After several consultations with you I decided to discontinue my visits to the chiropractor. I have found now that it is wonderful not to have headaches or take tablets when I feel the onset of a headache. Each time I began to get a headache, I took your headache drops, which prevented it coming. I also feel that my overall health has improved enormously.

I am sure your remedies have made all the difference as I have previously consulted doctors and chiropractors for my migraine headaches, which initially gave me relief but eventually had no effect. Your homeopathies have helped me to permanently cure the headaches.

Thank you again Jaya.
Lyn Johnson

Lyn JohnsonJoondalup 6027 Western Australia

Dear Jaya,

I am writing this letter to show my appreciation for your homeopathic treatment over the past few years.

The stress drops have been excellent, as I have had the ability to cope with the high level of stress in my job and everyday lifestyle. Also, I rarely get migraines now, which is a great feeling and knowing that I have the headache drops handy if there is an onset is very reassuring.

The cream that I use on my skin has certainly improved the acne (now almost non-existent) and.the pigmentation is also fading over time. Even close friends have commented on the way my skin looks now!

I feel the remedies I have used for a number of conditions have been extremely beneficial. As you are aware, I recently went on a trip overseas and prior to the trip I had the onset of a cold, which could have been most unfortunate, but after taking the drops the cold was eliminated immediately before the holidays commenced. Also I took the drops for upset stomach/diarrhoea on several occasions while I was away, and I didn’t waste any of my valuable holiday time being ill.

I now have no hesitation to seek advice from you in relation to a number of health conditions, rather than, as in the past, take tablets, etc. for an immediate but not long-term solution.

Lyn Johnson

Lyn JohnsonJoondalup 6027 Western Australia

I owe a great deal to my friend Jaya Krishnan. Jaya’s diagnostic skills are second to none, which makes her very accomplished in her field. She has done a lot to help my handicapped daughter Maddison.

My daughter Maddison is now six years and eight months old and was dia nosed as developmentally delayed. She has visual impairment and a mild case of spina bifida. She also has epileptic fits.

It was smooth sailing during the pregnancy and delivery. She was born at King Edward Memorial Hospital in Subiaco on the 27th of April 1988 – six weeks premature. She had an enlarged heart at birth that caused her no problems at that moment and they noticed she had enlarged ventricles in the brain area. We were promptly sent to Princess Margaret Hospital as they thought she might have had hydrocephalus. The neurologist there told us that it was not unusual to have enlarged ventricles for a premature baby and that they would keep an eye on her.

At around the age of four months she started having epileptic fits about 12 to 14 times a day. She was put on to Tegretol, which kept her pretty doped up all day. She would just wake up to feed and go back to bed. So much so that when she started on Jaya’s medications, she became so alert and awake, I didn’t know what to do with her. How to amuse and fill her day. It’s not as easy with a handicapped child that can’t be stimulated visually.

To cut a long story short, we’ve been through periods of practically living at Princess Margaret, inserting grommets in her ears because they thought that she might be deaf and were checking for glue ears, etc. That she has a mild case of spina bifida was found only recently, which causes a lot of problems with her mobility. It had been decided though that an operation on her spine would not really help her as the loss of white matter in the brain alone is enough to warrant the problems she has in being mobile. If someone had told me that Maddison would one day say a few words (she says about 100 and tries to imitate everything she hears, and she jumps or sings songs in tune – nursery rhymes that she enjoys), I would never have believed it.

Since we have been looked after by Jaya, we have come down to a mild epileptic fit on average once in four months, and she has improved in all areas. When Jayo says, ‘This medicine will help her speech, her constipation, her tone, her focus, etc, etc.’, I think ‘Oh yes?’ and time and time again Jaya has proven herself in the care of my daughter.

It was not an easy transition. I was very doubtful and not very positive about it all in the beginning. There’s a lot of doubt when you have a child you know can’t tell you whether something is working or not.

Since Jaya’s treatment, her focusing has improved, her language and understanding skills are building up every day and her general wellbeing is more than I ever expected. I’m not saying that I believe Jaya is offering miracles. I’m just saying that she has achieved so much in our daughter’s life, we have reached areas we thought we’d never get to. Best of all the caring, individual, detailed attention we get from Jaya is second to none. She is there whenever we need her, day or night, and she really strives and takes pride in helping us all reach our fullest potential and beyond when we were at the end of our hope.

And it is all done the natural way which feels so safe and refreshing considering we live in a world of quick fixes and antibiotics based largely on financial decisions I’m sure. I’m not saying that there is no place for both. I think the two can meet, but it is still better to do it all naturally as much as we can.

All I can say is that meeting Jaya was certainly good fortune for my daughter and I shall be forever grateful for Jaya being instrumental in her continued improvement.

Jen L

Jen LSpringvale 3171 Victoria, Australia