Falling pregnant is not always easy.

  • You love your partner and everything is falling into place.
  • You feel ready to move into the next chapter of your lives together.
  • Time to start a family, and have children of your own.
  • It’s not ACTUALLY that simple though.
  • You’re trying everything you can think of, and it’s just not happening.

When is it YOUR time to shine?

When you’re having a hard time falling pregnant, all kinds of doubts creep in…

  • Am I not compatible with my partner?
  • What if I’m not supposed to become a mum?
  • Why is it so easy for everyone else?
  • Is there something wrong with me?
  • Should I consider IVF?
  • What else can I try to get pregnant the natural way?

IVF doesn't have to be the answer!

The cost, the PAIN and the emotional trauma of IVF is not to be taken lightly. A (very expensive) last resort, maybe, but most of us want to explore natural options first. So before turning into an ‘egg machine’ and being treated like an emotionless robot, speak to Dr Jaya and her team to explore how she can help you fall pregnant, naturally.

It might be the best decision you’ll ever make.

Too many tests, without any results...

It may not the first time you’ve sought into help getting pregnant… and, let’s just say some clinics give a lot of room for improvement. You could wait in line for hours and ours, only to be sent for yet more tests without any real answers… It can feel like you’re being pushed into IVF, or they put you in the ‘too hard’ basket and want you to give up for good.

When you’ve been trying for so long, and have gone through these experiences… it’s natural to be skeptical.

But at the same time… what have you got to lose? This is your chance to create something beautiful!


Helping couples, become families for 40+ years

Dr Jaya has created Jayapathics, a modern and advanced form of healthcare rooted in Homeopathy.

She’s been helping many couples just like you, fall pregnant without strong medication, expensive IVF or emotionally torturous processes for more than four decades!


You can think of Dr  Jaya as a natural, gentle nudge in the right direction – and it works.

Dr Jaya has helped women with low fertility, severe endometriosis, and a range of other issues, fall pregnant naturally and comfortably. Many of her patients were trying for YEARS before they found Dr Jaya, some even being told it was ‘impossible’ or they had ‘no chance’ of becoming a mother.

Dr Jaya will take the time to listen to you, and understand you. She APPRECIATES you as a woman, and how important family is to all of us. How beautiful it is to have a little boy or girl of your own, and it is her life’s mission to help you achieve exactly that.

Why choose Dr. Jaya’s alternative fertility treatment?

Unlike IVF, Dr. Jaya’s alternative fertility treatment is natural, gentle, and doesn’t involve strong medications or emotionally torturous processes. It’s an effective and affordable alternative to the pain, cost, and emotional trauma of IVF. Plus, with over 40 years of experience, Dr. Jaya has a proven track record of helping couples fall pregnant naturally.



Darek & Agnieszka.

They Tried To Have A Baby For 3 Years With Zero Success But Achieved Pregnancy In Just 2 Months With Jayapathics Treatment



The first month of the treatment I dropped from taking 18 Nurofen (painkillers) tablets to only 6 tablets. For 24 years I had been in severe pain and finally I was starting to get some relief.

Also, after 2 years on your treatment I finally became pregnant and went on to have a lovely healthy baby boy.

Maria A

After you started treating me, I did not have any symptom. This treatment has also made me more positive in my outlook. Soon after I started the treatment, I got pregnant. I had to go for another biopsy. It was then confirmed that I have no sign of cancer anywhere.

Mitali C

Really genuine care taken about regulation of my hormones. I feel more happier and living my life to fuller extent. My PMSS symptoms have disappeared. Thank you so much.

Ready to start your journey to parenthood?

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