Amazing recovery of a little injured pigeon – with Jayapathics

Some weeks ago, I found what I thought was a dead pigeon lying in my laundry. I did not know how it had come to be lying there and I felt sad that the poor thing had injured itself and not survived.

I was going to pick up the dead bird in a dust pan and throw it in the trash, when I noticed some faint movement. Curious, I bent down to have a closer look, and sure enough it was still breathing.

Not knowing what else to do, I went to my medicine cupboard and gave the little bird a few drops of Jayapathics injury drops.

I kept doing this, for the next few days and nursed it as well as I could. On the second day, I walked into the laundry and saw that it had dragged itself a few inches from the mat on which I had set it.

On the third day, I saw that it had managed to perch itself on the top of the laundry door. But it was still very weak and fell off its perch all of a sudden. My heart sank. I thought – there goes the poor bird again.

But, although shaken, the little pigeon was not injured further or dead. I continued to take care of it and kept giving some of my Jayapathics injury drops.

Within two days, the bird was hopping around happily and would fly up and perch itself on my washing machine.

A day later, it was well enough to fly away.